Crises teach us that there are always solutions to overcome them, but above all they are a life lesson. This unprecedented coronavirus crisis is forcing us to isolation, to interrogation, to questioning our value systems. It is a “freeze frame” where we must understand how we came to this point, and what needs to be created, invented, transformed, so that sooner or later we will not be confronted again with the same causes that will inevitably provoke the same crises, or amplify them.

In this context, artists have an important role to play, particularly as awakeners of consciousness, and also as soul healers. Through their art and their connection to the most subtle energies that surround us and that they grasp through music, song, dance, … they contribute to awakening the sense of beauty and the meaning of life in each of us, especially in the hearts of children, who are more receptive to this type of energy. They help to keep us awake, to warn us of any drift that would jeopardize the fragile balance of our planet. By making us vibrate, they help to keep us alive. Life, which is precisely what we all need, and of which we probably neglected the ephemeral side.

After this crisis, we will need artists to show us how to live again, more in line with our consciences. We will need the artists to heal our souls wounded by sadness, fear, anger… energies that will weaken our immune system even more if we are not careful. This is why it is fundamental that the work of our artists be valued, and that as soon as possible they have the means to work again in schools, in concert halls, in the most diverse places where everyone can be nourished with their positive and constructive vibrations in order to develop all together more humanity, solidarity and sharing.

This crisis will pass, but let us hope that it will open us to new dimensions and new possibilities, where art will be at the centre of our concerns and our needs, like a living and invigorating food, transmitting joy and love, the best antidote to fear and selfishness.

Coen Teulings
President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation