Abdelsalam Abunada & Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon @L’ENTRELA & Studio Platon

Abdelsalam is a filmmaker and painter from Palestine. Véronique is a ceramics’ workshops animator and Pauline is an observational drawing and digital photography animator.

In Evere, the artist-animators Abdelsalam Abunada, Pauline Richon and Véronique Golard led about twenty creative and participative workshops for the inhabitants and residents of the Plato social housing district, located in the Haut-Evere.

During the first phase of the project, participants expressed themselves on the theme of places of belonging and what it meant for them to “be at home”, to belong to a place or a community, by exploring different artistic techniques: colours and painting, drawing, ceramics and working the earth.

The second phase consisted in the creation of a collective fresco bringing together various materials: painting, mosaics, pieces of wood, stones, etc. The drawing, inspired by the reflections and creations initiated during the first phase of the project, represents a group of people gathered around a campfire. The concept of “warmth” emerged throughout the workshops as a symbolic element of feeling good somewhere.

The fresco was placed on the façade of the building located at 105 Clos des Lauriers Roses and was inaugurated in the presence of the participants and residents on Saturday, April 6, 2019, on the occasion of a festive finalization of the Homelands project!