Aleksandar Caric

copyright Manuel Azevedo

Musician, comedian and teacher, Aleksandar Caric works in Italy since 1991.

Born in Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Caric was a member in the eighties of the theatrical and musical improvisation company CirKo della primavera, with whom he produced numerous shows which were never rehearsed more than once in a constant search for new spaces and forms.

During this time, Aleksandar Caric, who is also a writer, directed the publication of a collection of books for Matica Srpska, a publishing house in Yugoslavia.


Aleksandar Caric is part of the Tatamata Teatro Company, founded in 1994 with Serena Galella; this street and open-air theatre company organizes large events for the Coast to Coast festival of Palmi and Gerace in Calabria. Over the last ten years the performances of the Tatamata Teatro toured all the regions of Italy and various European countries, as well as South America and Asia.

Since 2003, he is the artistic director of the uličnih svirača Festival, an international street music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since 2005, Aleksandar Caric is an external teacher in several primary schools in Rome (children aged between 6 and 10), in the framework of the MUS-E programme supported by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

Aleksandar Caric also collaborated with numerous comedians and musicians as a comedian, musician and musical composer in theatre and dance shows as well as in European and international events and festivals.