Ali Sabri & Patries Wichers @MUS-E Belgium

Ali is a painter from Iraq. MUS-E brings professional artists like Patries in education together with children and teachers to go on a voyage of discovery within their artistic profession. Patries welcomed Ali in the fourth-grade class of the primary school Baron Steens and they created a dialogue with the kids through painting and drawing.

Ali Sabri collaborated with MUS-E artist Patries Wichers with two classes from the fourth year in primary school Baron Steens.

Like Ali, Patries is originally also a painter and, therefore, the artists started from painting and let the children feel themselves comfortable in this discipline.

They made paintings themselves with egg and colour pigments, experimented with watercolours and charcoal and co-created in small groups.

With the second class they worked on the question: ‘where do you feel at home? which could be connected to the class theme ‘my ideal room’.

They made models in shoeboxes from a room the way they would like to have it “without stuff from my brothers or sisters in it, but the way I would furnish it”.