“Music is truly an expression of life. It is the sublimation of all emotions, whether good or bad, that otherwise would hold us prisoners”

(Yehudi Menuhin – « Noms de Dieux » – RTBF Broadcast – October 1997)

An outstanding violinist since his childhood, a conductor in the second part of his life, Yehudi Menuhin followed an unprecedented musical career which started at the age of seven and led him onto every musical stage in the world. Combining an irreproachable technique with an extraordinary understanding of music, he interpreted a very wide repertoire stretching from Bach, Ravel and Beethoven to avant-garde music, baroque music and jazz improvisations with Stéphane Grappelli. He liked to play along all forms of music with other musicians. His fascination for other cultures led him to play as well with Ravi Shankar as with Romany friends, whose cause he advanced, underlining the fact that the search for beauty and sharing are universal values.