Musician, Percussionist, Instrumentalist for live and studio recordings, Teacher, Pedagogue. He studied with Maestro Peppe Sannino, to perfect his skill in the Afro-Cuban musical styles (Mambo, Rumba, Mozambique, etc.) with instruments such as the congas, timbani, bongo, Guiro, Maracas and keyboards. He later perfects the Rumba style with Maestro Giovanni Imparato.In 1999 he studies the music of the Brazilian capoeira (with emphasis on the study of the berimbau), in order then to widen his skills in Afro-Brazilian percussions and in the characteristic styles of the Samba schools as well as the typical rhythms of the North West of Brazil (Samba Enredo, Samba Pagode, Samba Reggae, Timbalada, Maracatù de Baque Virado, and the more famous rhythms of the Candomblè etc. Played on all the traditional instruments with the typical techniques and pronunciation. He then starts to perform regularly on the stages of the reputed and famed clubs of Naples and its province and participates in the mains jam sessions of the most significant musical events.He perfects the Pandeiro by playing and corresponding with Giovanni Coraggio, Gilson Silveira, Nicola Russo and more recently Nunzio Toscano. Studies and plays the Darbuka (Turkish and Arabic technique) as well as the Riq with Francesco Manna, Michele Maione, Luca Cioffi.He collaborates with the most noted belly dancers of Naples (Samara Flora de Caro, Sandy D’aly, Klemcy Salza).

Art form: musician