Art4Rom is a project financed by the European Commission promoting intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and social inclusion among children – both Roma and non-Roma – aged between 5 and 10 by using an innovative methodology based on the practice of the arts in schools and non-schools environements.

It adresses the following needs:

  • Improvement of Roma’s access to education
  • Edqual and better life learning chances
  • Need for a better Roma’s active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion


The project consortium has achieved the following objectives:

1. Collection and transfer of effective joined-up learning practices to develop a methodology;
2. A methodology to provide equal opportunities and equity in education for Roma children fostering the acquisition of key competences;
3. To prepare the piloting materials to test the methodology;
4. To pilot the methodology in schools;
5. To evaluate the methodology;
6. Enhance the level of cooperation between authorities, NGO’s, schools, the private sector and grassroots organizations to increase Roma participation to public life;
7. Online workshops;
8. Creation of a European community space as a repository to exchange ideas and productions;
9. Dissemination strategy;
10 Advocacy Strategy;
11 Setting up the basis for a Forum/Platform for joint reflection and European cooperation


• Involvement of at least 500 students in piloting;
• Training of at least 30 teachers;
• No. 2 public events organized by the project partnership;
• No. 6 public events attended by the partners to present the project;
• No. Publications produced: 1600 leaflets, 120 posters, 800 copies of the handbook, 300 phrasebook/dictionary;
• The number of beneficiaries of the project pedagogic products increased indefinitely over time because the products were made available on the project website as an open resource for teachers, child careers and all those with an interest in Roma inclusion across Europe;
• Each partner has reached a number of associations and other stakeholders that will be part of the Forum platform.


1. The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) – Lead partner

2. ETP Slovensko

3. Mosaic Art and Sound

4. Union Romani

5. MUS-E Hungary

6. MUS-E Napoli

7. MGR International Consultancy

8. European Roma Information Office