Celina Pereira

Image Celina is natural from the island of Boa Vista, Cabo Verde, having followed her family to the island of S. Vicente when she was only six years old.

Ever since worried about the questions of the preservation of the collective memory and, therefore, about the own identity of the people from Cabo Verde, Celina Pereira has accomplished – since her first LP, “Força di Cretcheu”, recorded in Lisbon in 1986 – the adventure of trying to recuperate what of most precious has the soul of her people, through what constitutes the real richness and diversity of its musical culture.

Celina Pereira presents, in a luxury repertoire, themes that are the ground for fixing the memory of the popular traditions, recovering mazurkas, wedding songs and mornas, round songs, lunduns, chorus, rigmaroles and rural tunes, all of them making part of the richer oral traditions, still waiting for a continuous registration for the preservation of the very rich cultural patrimony of the Republic of Cabo Verde. With this ceaseless and systematic work, she has made possible the safeguard of themes which were about to irrecoverable misleading.

As a multifaceted artist, Celina Pereira has also developed a permanent activity in several areas of communication, namely as radio journalist and storyteller, activity she has initiated in high schools and elementary schools in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, since 1990.

Celina Pereira participated to the MUS-E programme in Lisbon (Portugal).

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