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IYMF Gala 2019 – AL DI LA DI NOI

Projects by MUS-E Belgium

Learn about some cool and interesting projects MUS-E Belgium has been working on recently!   Hotel Wiels Hotel Wiels is a project by MUS-E artists Hanna Ravnsborg and Maud Lefever in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Centre Wiels in Brussels. Students from the 5th and 6th grade of elementary school "The Puzzle" were given a

IYMF at the 20th anniversary of the “Plateforme mineurs en exil”

In November 2019, the Plateforme mineurs en exil celebrated its 20th anniversary. The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is and has been contributing to the inclusion of vulnerable groups in society and represent and encourage the expression of all the cultures present in Europe. We therefore joined the Plateforme mineurs en exil for its anniversary and


Hussein is a young Oud player from Iraq. Amèle is a French violinist. They met through the project Homelands and with their partners they have led a group of young people from the area and children from Ecole 6 and created an audio-visual and music show on the theme Homelands. As a member of the

Ahmad Al Saadi & Normal Pendergast @ZINNEMA

Ahmad is a photographer from Syria. Norma is an Irish artist. I met Ahmad Al Saadi at Zinnema in Anderlecht, in June of last year.  It was Ramadan and an exceptionally hot day in Brussels.   Ahmad is a young Syrian man who arrived in Brussels 3 years ago.   I am an Irish woman who has

Mohammad Aukal & Ruben Vandersteen & Julie De Clercq @PIANOFABRIEK

Mohammad is a dancer from Palestine. Ruben and Julie lead the City Zoom, a studio where young people work on making movies, they learn how to write, direct, film, act and record. Together with Mohammad they have led video workshops around the theme Homelands under the film project City Zoom. CityZoom is a film workshop

Ali Sabri & Patries Wichers @MUS-E Belgium

Ali is a painter from Iraq. MUS-E brings professional artists like Patries in education together with children and teachers to go on a voyage of discovery within their artistic profession. Patries welcomed Ali in the fourth-grade class of the primary school Baron Steens and they created a dialogue with the kids through painting and drawing.

Abdelsalam Abunada & Véronique Golard & Pauline Richon @L’ENTRELA & Studio Platon

Abdelsalam is a filmmaker and painter from Palestine. Véronique is a ceramics’ workshops animator and Pauline is an observational drawing and digital photography animator. In Evere, the artist-animators Abdelsalam Abunada, Pauline Richon and Véronique Golard led about twenty creative and participative workshops for the inhabitants and residents of the Plato social housing district, located in

Tony Bland Degli & Enna Halie @Beeldenstorm

Tony is a fashion designer from Togo. Enna is a creative contributor/project manager at Beeldenstorm vzw. Together they led Batik workshops with people from all ages from the neighbourhood. A Batik installation was created evoking a place where everybody can feel at home. The project spoke to us immediately because of the underlying, shared ideology:

Shalaan Lazim & Benoît Coutier & Ada Rajszys @Les Ateliers du Temps Libre – WOLUBILIS

Shalaan comes from Iraq where he studied sculpture. Benoît and Ada give creative workshops on distortion, extension, volume and the third dimension. Together they have led a 3D workshop and create a 3D installation based on the idea of migration and personal interpretation of Shalaan’s experience. The 3D project, is a creative workshop of free

Chinara Miamona & Caroline Donnelly @Les Ateliers du Temps Libre – WOLUBILIS

Chinara is a painter from Azerbaijan. Caroline is a performer, actress and stage director in charge of a drama workshop at Woluculture. During drama classes at the Ateliers du Temps Libre, the group of participants (of all ages) got inspired by the personal story of Chinara and turned it into a unique performance. Sometimes it's

IYMF and the BCO at the Spanish Embassy in Belgium

Art brings people of all kinds together by MUS-E Hungary

Community building in Budapest Since the MUS-E program was launched in 1994 by Yehudi Menuhin, the targeted groups of the transcultural social-artistic programme were defined according to the “CAT model”, as Children, Artists and Teachers, those individuals that actually take part and benefit directly from the artistic workshops. As time went by, and different national

20th anniversary of the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España

The real value of international dimension by MUS-E Hungary

We all Count and Arte por la Convivencia – International Meetings in Budapest Following the very successful and inspiring international meeting of the We All Count project on 30th September and 1st October, MUS-E Hungary welcomed another international team in Budapest coming from six countries, in the framework of the Arte por la Convivencia- Art