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Multidisciplinary Artistic Residency – Farnières – 28 May to 4 June 2018

This residential session introduced an innovative methodology that combined art creation and collective intelligence, aiming to transform the individual and society by freeing everyone’s creative forces. The sessions pointed out rhythmic awareness through body experience, body as a collective creation medium, musical composition & soundtrack, undiscovered possibilities of voice and its relation with the body

Music Up Close Network – Musical Moment – 26 June 2018

Concert East – West: Dialogue of Souls – Le Plaza – 4 December 2017

Agencia EFE (27 October 2018): The dance of a Syrian refugee against hatred and terrorism (Agencia EFE)

A few weeks before the Diversity Makes Music Concert (21.11.2011 - Flagey, Brussels), the Spanish international news agency "Agencia EFE" comes back on Ahmad Joudeh's life and achievements. A story of threats, strenght and passion. Read the article and watch the video