CAPACITARTE – Training Meeting in Spain

This May 2021, CAPACITARTE held its first transnational training meeting in Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid.

Trainers and national coordinators from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Germany and Belgium joined together to share and exchange good practices for training adults from each other. 

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation presented the currently happening online co-creation workshop held by Andor Timar (HU), Ilse Wijnen (BE) and Raul Iaza in the context of Homelands, places of belonging. Showing the activity of Ilse Wijnen from the first online workshop, the artists and national coordinators present participated actively to this (not live) online workshop. 

Using words inspired by different portraits from different eras, the participants created an “elf” poem also representative of their feelings through the Covid period.

Hear here some of these poems.

What about the other partners?

The University of Extramudera (Spain) presented its workshop on “Active Methodologies from Art for University students of education” where the goal is to bring non-formal educational methods to future teachers. 

“Most young people are unaware of non-formal action methodologies, and what they can contribute to the classroom, since they are usually conditioned by the form of formal education that they have been routinely given, and it is difficult for them to understand this proposal, which unites and mixes tasks for teachers and artists combining dynamic intervention methodology from art in classrooms.”

MUS-E Hungary explained how they took the methodologies learned from their online classes for children and used them to do online trainings for adults. Using different digital tools as zoom, Youtube Studio, Jamboard and Mentimeter, these online workshops can be prepared together and are very interactive.

The artist Vera Vaiano, from Fermo (Italy), held a workshop on juggling. The goal of this workshop was to show us that when fear is shared, it can be more easily handled than alone. It also showed that for every action, there is a reaction on our part. 

Joining this action-reaction message, was the workshop from the Artist Paulo from Portugal. There is a reaction for every energy passing through us, the importance is in your (body and eye) engament to the other.

This training meeting in Madrid was a collection of presentation of good practices, and active workshops that will help us implement various good practices through Europe in our current projects.