Capacit’Arte Transnational training in Lisboa

This September 2021, CAPACITARTE held its second transnational training meeting, this time in Lisboa, Portugal.

Artists and national coordinators from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Germany and Belgium joined together to share and exchange good practices for training adults. 

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation shared the good practices of the project “Homelands, places of belonging“.

Leandro Ramirez, Homelands artist in 2020, introduced a workshop about co-creation. At the hand of drawing and music, he invited the participants to think about their home and what “home” means to them.


The objectives of his workshop were:

  • To develop a workshop that allows us to appreciate the influence of music on our activities and moods.
    To generate an environment in which we can express ourselves freely by drawing.
"I am glad to have participated in the CapacitArte workshop in Portugal. It's always a great experience to meet people who desires to create art for others as a way to integrate and involve. As well, in the Homelands Project I have learned that doing Co-creation is a good way to create art in a more participative way. I think out there are a lot of people who needs to be touched by the art"
Leandro Ramirez
Homelands Artist

During these two days of training, Leandro participated in workshops about co-creative writing, dance and movement, music, forest bathing, etc. He realized, that even if he isn’t a big dancer, it is a good way to start an activity as it makes people move, and be aware of each other. He realized that you can have fun with words, that there is a writer in all of us. He realized that you can use dance to teach math. 

This training opportunity is a good way to exchange ideas and inspire each other on other ways to give a workshop while sending the same message. Some artist realized that they could use other disciplines to start their activity, and that they are able to do it themselves even.