A musical journey of French inspiration

to meet the cultures of the world and inspire peace

This year, the ‘Douce France’ concert celebrates the end of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union by inviting musicians and singers on stage who travel through different styles, starting with bal musette and French chanson, then moving on to film music and slam, alternating with Ravel, Saint-Saëns and Shostakovich.

The soloists of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, led by cellist Mario Villuendas, accompanied by the incomparable French violinist Gilles Apap, the Antwerp accordionist and composer Gwen Cresens, and Romanian cymbalist Marius Preda, will welcome singers Marlène Dorcéna and Marianne Aya Omac to the stage for a French-inspired journey of openness and inclusion of different musical genres, in the spirit of our Founder: Yehudi Menuhin, the violinist who all his life fought for peace and understanding between peoples.

This concert will be under the sign of peace and solidarity. It will also welcome two violinists, one Czech of Russian origin, Olga Šroubková, and the other Ukrainian, Valerij Sokolov, who, playing together, accompanied by the musicians of the Menuhin Foundation, will illustrate the power of dialogue and listening in these troubled times.

This message will be relayed on stage by the slammer microMEGA le Verbivore who will remind us through the poetic power of his words that peace has no price.