Mujeres por Africa (MxA)

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF), the Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España (FYME) and the Fundación Mujeres por África (FMxA) have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of joint projects and actions for Human Rights in Africa, with special attention to girls and women.


The agreement, signed on 10 May by Marianne Poncelet as Executive Vice-President of IYMF, Enrique Barón as President of FYME and Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega as President of FMxA, establishes the framework for collaboration between the three entities to develop joint projects in areas of common interest.


The objectives of this collaboration are:


Promotion and dissemination of culture and music through awareness-raising and education for development actions that foster dialogue between peoples and states.

Projects and programmes promoting triangular cooperation between Europe-North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Implementation of specific actions with women and the integrated gender approach.

Awareness campaigns in the educational framework on the defence of Human Rights and the reality of the countries of the making special impact on the rights of girls and women.

Organization of conferences and seminars on topics of common interest, using music and musical education as instruments to promote tolerance and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Collaboration in the creation of networks of European and African musicians and teachers, giving priority to women.

Collaboration in the creation of joint volunteer projects or regional and international cultural cooperation.