Contes Nomades
Contes Nomades / Nomadic Tales

Nomadic Tales project: 1999-2001

The project Nomadic Tales gathered artists from 9 European countries and from different artistic fields in order to collaborate in a collective work under the themes of "mobility" and "solidarity", inspired by the values of traditionally nomadic people.

The purpose of the project was to help children discover the artistic heritage of European nomadic cultural groups, and to build up links between artists and children of the MUS-E Network. On the basis of Romani and Saami tales and cultural elements from other groups, a work of interactive creation was carried out by 9 artists from the MUS-E  Network, who produced more than 100 video works.


The project proposed an artistic response to the current problematic (then and now) of human displacements triggered by wars and difficult economic or social climate in numerous countries. How to create more solidarity towards these people who live in forced nomadism? The experimental video works produced during the project are considerations without judgement. Ironic, poetic, graphic and sometimes even humorous.

New communication technologies and International exchanges

A fast extranet (ADSL, TV cable) allowed this distant collective creation. Drawings, pictures, videos and sounds were being exchanged between the participants. Advisers provided guidance to artists and organised trainings in new technologies.


Supported by DG Education and Culture, European Commission

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