E-ARTinED (or Art in Education Online) is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project led by Viksjöforsbaletten, Sweden, where our organisation is a partner, together with the Mosaic Art And Sound Ltd. (UK), the Technical University of Crete, and Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi (Italy). The partners have been selected for their experience and know how in the diverse fields of art and multimedia in education, pedagogy, environemental studies, training of teachers and distributed information systems.

E-ARTinED is the successor to the ARTinED project of 2011, which introduced an innovative approach to education using the arts. Its objective is to create an online learning platform for artists and teachers to be accessed anywhere (within or outside of the classroom), with toolkits for training purposes based on the output of the earlier project, as well as on “Social inclusion through the arts” and “Exploring nature through the arts”. The online platform is already in use for the piloting phase, providing both self-study programmes and opportunities for learners (teachers) to interact remotely with other teachers and students. We contribute to the project by offering expertise in social inclusion through the art: in July 2017, we organised a residential workshop in the Belgian Ardennes for our partners (including teachers from our Swedish partner) with two MUS-E® artist-experts who adapted their methodology to incorporate the natural habitat surrounding the residence.