European Projects

The IYMF has always had an active participation in European projects. One of the main interests of the foundation is to promote the values underpining the European Union, and work towards an integrated Europe.

Cultural exchanges and international cooperation have been pursued by the IYMF through different European projects, aiming to build bridges among cultures and countries in Europe, and to enhance the idea of a common European citizenship.

Recent European projects include:

  • EFMET - European Forum for Music Education and Training
  • European Conference on "Europe's Diasporas and European Citizenship"
  • Enfants d'ici, contes d'alleurs
  • Contes Nomades
  • ExTra! Exchange Traditions (EMC)
  • iyouwesharetheworld
  • Sharing All Voices
  • Voices For Tomorrow



Supported by DG Education and Culture, European Commission

Special Thanks to our structural partners
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