Artistic Promotion

Hanna Schygulla and children, 2004 - © Doron ChmielThe Foundation works in many areas of the arts to promote intercultural exchanges and personal fulfilment.

The cultural events created and organised by the IYMF provide platforms for artists of different disciplines and nationalities - and sometimes children too - to work together and to perform before international audiences.


THEMATIC CONCERTS: uniting the voices of differing cultures through music, song and dance.

The Colors of Invention, 2005 - © Doron Chmiel

Since 1992 the IYMF has organised more than 10 concerts featuring both internationally known artists and newcomers from varied cultural backgrounds. Before his death in 1999 Yehudi Menuhin himself presented Stéphane Grappelli, Ravi Shankar, Marcel Marceau, Myriam Makeba, and many others on stage, bringing together different cultural identities with his own particular magic.



The tradition continues today. In 2004, the “Travelling Voices” concert took place at the Cirque Royal of Brussels, introduced by Hanna Schygulla.

In 2005, Gilles Apap and his group played before a gala dinner at the Plaza Theatre, where the trailer of the documentary on MUS-E: “Menuhin’s Dream” was shown.
The flamengo dancer Belen Maya and violinist Gilles Apap, 2006 - © Credit Suisse LuxembourgIn March 2006 the concert “Dancing Violins”, introduced by Federico Mayor Zaragoza and supported by Credit Suisse Luxembourg, brought together musicians and dancers from Haiti, Cape Verde, Spain, France and Belgium. On the finale all the artists gathered on stage and performed together, recalling Yehudi Menuhin’s powerful message of harmony through music.




International artistic seminar on Dance, Portugal, 2005 - © IYMF Organised in the framework of lifelong learning, these international artistic workshops gather together artists from different countries where MUS-E is active. Over several days, they share their skills and explore new ways and techniques of exploring the arts with children, as well as attending workshops lead by experts in their field.






The World Is My Village, 2005 - © Patries Wichers Exhibitions featuring works of art by children, made in the course of MUS-E classes is another means through which the IYMF promotes artistic creativity, while bringing together different cultures and passing on the message of the importance of cultural diversity.


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