The World is my Village

The World is my Village
International MUS-E exhibition                    


Gallery Espace Blanche Brussels
3>17 June 2005

In June 2005 the international MUS-E exhibition “The World is my Village” was organised in Brussels. MUS-E artists and coordinators, members and collaborators of the IYMF, and MUS-E children, could see an amazing collection of works of art. The artworks on display were made by children participating in the MUS-E programme in 13 European countries and Brazil.


Visitors were astonished by the colours, imaginative ideas and quality of the artworks made by children of primary schools. The project was funded by Toyota Motor Europe, and organised by the MUS-E artist Patries Wichers.


  • Extract from the exhibition’s catalogue: Background text by Patries Wichers, curator, MUS-E artist, Belgium:  


The preparation of this exhibition has mainly been organised through the internet after first meeting some of the artists and co-ordinators. Ideas, proposals, thoughts, pictures, CV’s have travelled virtual space to give shape to the ideas of children, artists and teachers. Each country has presented an artwork created by children.

The given theme “The world is my village” provoked a broad range of interpretations, as the diversity of the work shows. Every artist enabled the children to speak about their environment. This can be the school, the place where they live, an imaginary place or an event. Each contribution showed a different interpretation of the theme determined not only by the art discipline involved but also geographical, social and cultural factors. Nurturing and enabling this diversity is MUS-E’s “speciality”.

This exhibition only shows a small part of MUS-E activity. If we wanted to bring together the artworks of six hundred classes we would need a museum. The MUS-E ‘community’ is considering ways of realising this in the future. …

Patries Wichers
Artist: MUS-E Belgium
Exhibition co-ordinator



The catalogue of the exhibition – available on CD – illustrates pictures and presentations of the artworks on display, introduction texts by the exhibition organiser Patries Wichers and by Toyota Motor Europe, and information about the MUS-E programme and the MUS-E Network.  

pdf The Catalogue The World is My Village 4.59 Mb  is also available for download.  


The exhibition will travel to other MUS-E countries in Europe. Its final display will be at the end of 2006 / 2007 in the Atrium Space of the sponsor Toyota Motor Europe, which made this project possible.


Supported by DG Education and Culture, European Commission

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