ExTra! Exchange Traditions project
ExTra! Exchange Traditions

'Cultural Diversity', 'European cultural identity' and 'inclusion of minority cultures' are nowadays top priorities for many music organistions in Europe.

Cultural operators and political decision makers are conducting a significant discussion on European cultural identity and diversity - including influences from outside Europe. How can we bridge the seemingly unbridgeable contradiction between a common European identity abd cultural diversity in Europe?

The EU funded project 'ExTra! - Exchange Traditions' offers concrete activities to promote cultural diversity integrating minorities in a sensitive and respectful way. The project focuses on musical traditions of migrants in Europe and their interaction with cultures already existing in the European countries.

With ExTra! the EMC (European Music Council) and its partners actively contribute to cultural diversity and stimulate intercultural dialogue in Europe.


The IYMF will organize 2 seminars as partner of the project.

One in Finland on Green Music :

The « green music » workshop will be the meeting of very diverse musical practices, although speaking the same language. The idea of this workshop is to make green musicians (the traditional musicians who use plants, minerals, animal parts to make music), meet various forms of today’s music: traditional music of immigrants, multimedia music (techno etc.), contemporary music, improvised music. The aim of this workshop is to connect modern practices to their very ancient roots, and create new languages.and another in Slovaquia on Urban music.

Please check our Calendar for practical details.

ExTra! - Banská Bystrica, Slovakia - Urban Music Workshop - Brazilian Mundo Capoierists and Roma Youth -   In cooperation with Divadlo z Pasá┼że. Artists from Mundocapoiera: Professor Polegar, Dinamite, Professor Popeye and Jose Ataide Lins Santos.

Documentary Filmby  Thierry Van Roy, Artistic Director


Report available, please click here to download pdf interim_report 06/03/2008,15:08 1.05 Mb 



Supported by DG Education and Culture, European Commission

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