“Homelands, place of belonging” held 5 online workshops in May 2021

During the month of May 2021, three Artists ambassadors of the IYMF, Ilse Wijnen (BE), Raul Iaza (IT) and Andor Timar (HU) held 5 online co-creation workshops for people from all around Europe and from different artistic profession.

The theme of this workshop: “Digital co-creation in pandemic situation”.

Through these online workshops, it was intended to extend the methodology of co-creation and its benefits to a wider audience. It was also a way for Homelands to adapt to the sanitary crisis and to find and share new ways to co-create with local communities, even when it is challenging. They wanted to inspire cultural and social centers in Belgium and abroad to discover the Homelands experience and to initiate co-creation processes for social inclusion themselves.

At the end of these workshops, participants would be able to understand:

  • what co-creation really is
  • the potentials and challenges of creating online
  • how to make a bridge between old analog art practice and new digital tools
  • how to address and “manage” your audience
  • how to design a co-creative process online
“You feed me, I feed you, and that’s what it is all about. It’s about feeding and give and receive from the others all the time.”
Graziella – online workshop participant explaining her view on co-creation

“The trajectory of the workshops made this possible, the compilation of all of you. It was only possible because we did this intense evolution and we have seen each other in a way we would never have done when we meet someone on the streets. It was a very personal connection. And the fact that you build up, you reflect, you go back, and you take it with you; that is what makes it possible.”
Ilse Wijnen - trainer explaining her view on the online co-creation experience.

At the end of the 5 sessions, the participants showed their interest in having one last session in July to have the opportunity to continue their co-creative work.