The Vice-President of the IYMF will be leaving his functions within the IYMF and MUS-E Network

On May 27th and 28th, the international MUS-E® Council, an offshoot of the IYMF general assembly, was held in Oeiras, Portugal. Representatives of 9 of the 12 MUS-E® countries were present to discuss good practices, common European projects, and the expansion of the MUS-E® Network. Werner Schmitt, Vice-President of the IYMF, took this opportunity to officially announce that he will be leaving his functions within the IYMF and MUS-E Network.

Alexandra Paatsch the new MUS-E® chair

Good news also brought to the network, as current chair Leonor Cambournac, MUS-E Portugal coordinator, has passed her title to Alexandra Paatsch, MUS-E Germany coordinator. We look forward to organising future IMC’s in collaboration with her, and are so grateful for the work that Leonor has put into being chair for the past years.

Visit to a MUS-E® school

To conclude those two days of meetings, AYMP has invited MUS-E delegates to visit Porto Salvo Kindergarten on May 29th It was inspiring to take part in the sessions led by MUS-E® artists, Efthimios Angelakis and Paulo Patraquin and to witness the wonderful work done by AYMP in collaboration with Oeiras Municipality and Aquilino Ribeiro School Group.