The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is committed to take on a more active role and therefore, strong of its experience and the richness of the MUS-E Network, we join the ENCATC Network. ENCATC is a European network on cultural management and policy bringing together over 138 educational, training and cultural centers in over 40 countries across Europe and other world regions. Their mission is to represent, advocacte and promote cultural management and cultural policy education, to professionalize the cultural sector to make it sustainable, and create a platform for discussion and exchange at European and international level. In times of crisis, we have taken the step for joining forces and encouraging more exchanges of experience. It is also an opportunity for us to make our mission and those of the MUS-E Network we stand for heard, which are more important than ever in our societies.

IYMF looks forward to many new opportunities and learning as well as a more active involvement in many European initiatives to support culture and cultural policy.