JULY 2021

International mus-e festival

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is proud to present the very first International MUS-E Festival ! The festival will entirely happen online and will be broadcasted on www.concertwithyou.com, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation online platform that helps musicians getting long-term opportunities.

Everyday from July 19 until August 08th MUS-E organisations from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Israël will present the work of artists that lead activities locally aiming at promoting equal access to culture and the arts.

Visitors will have the chance to discover a wide eclectic selection of art works made all around Europe ! This festival is a way to promote all social initiatives and artisitic creations that happen within the Mus-e network, support Mus-e artists in sharing their work and raise awareness about all Mus-e network activities and missions.

JUNE 2021

Música Na Bagagem

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) presents Música na Bagagem an online concert that will take place at the Art and History Museum of Brussels, marking the end of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union and the artistic culmination of the Creative Europe project « MUS-E ON STAGE ».
The Brussels Chamber Orchestra quartet, Portuguese traditional musicians, Celina da Piedade and 150 children from Europe, together will offer a symbolic journey through image and music around Portugal.
MUS-E ON STAGE and this concert have been shattered by the covid-19 crisis. The concert will therefore be a real journey through music and image between Belgium and Portugal and the other participating countries, each bringing their cultural and musical baggage for a unique artistic encounter. Música na Bagagem is a symbol of the place of music in our societies and in providing unique places of dialogue between cultures.

Music session with sahad

CONCERT WITH YOU - Live Session 4

Enthusiastic Spirit, driving Beats & sophisticated Melodies! With a panorama of West African rhythms, SAHAD celebrates the cosmopolitan richness of current African music. SAHAD is like a bush taxi that travels around the world looking for the richness of our differences to share a message of love and tolerance. A crossing roads between Senegalese mbalax, Malian desert Blues, Afro-beat, Rock and Jazz.

MAY 2021

standing with quentin

Quentin Dujardin has been an artist ambassador of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation for many years. Recently, he has become a symbol in Belgium embodying the fight for the arts and music in this very challenging time. In a way, he has been a powerful advocate of one of our main missions: giving a voice to the voiceless.
Today more than ever, we are joining Quentin’s fight by organising a concert, which may be intimate but has a strong message of keeping on making music so essential to our societies.
Such a concert deserves a symbolic and majestic venue. Perched on the Coudenberg hill which dominates the city, the Brussels palace was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful princely residences in Europe. Quentin’s music will resonate into the archaeological site of the Coudenberg Palace.

music session with green catani

CONCERT WITH YOU - Live Session 3

For her first solo album, she composes tracks where her voice blends with enveloping, fluid and reverberating melodies. This very promising album oscillates between the layers of wide open spaces, soft psychedelia and varied rhythms. Available on all platforms on May 28th 2021.

The sound of Green Catani, vibrant, mystical and sometimes confusing, is the image of the woman behind it. Originally from Campinas (Brazil), she left her home for France, Belgium and then New Zealand before her path led her to Paris. After studying at the MAI (Music Academy International), singing and playing drums for Psych-Rock bands, she soon became part of the Pantin Plage group as a singer/percussionist as well as other musical projects. Her first solo album “J’arrose mes plaintes” will be available on the 28th of May 2021. First exclusive live performance only on Concertwithyou.com.

APRIL  2021

music session with côme ranjard and alexis croisé

CONCERT WITH YOU - Live Session 2

For the second edition of the serie “concertwithyou Live Session”, we are proud to present a very talented artist: Côme Ranjard.

Together with the great keyboardist Alexis Croisé, they will propose an exclusive live version of the very poetic song “Hippocampe”.

Côme Ranjard

Côme makes his music the same way we would build a house. Every corner of it looks like him and tells us more about it’s strange resident. As soon as we get to his front door, we are touched by his deep low voice and the poetry of his words. By the window, instruments come in and out freely. After releasing an EP very well received by the media, Côme is already on his way to recording an album. Among his neighbors, people may have seen Philippe Katerine, Bertrand Belin, Hayao Miyazaki, Caetano Veloso and the great Haruomi Hosono.

Alexis Croisé

Member of the Parisian bands Biche, Dantone, and Mottomoda, ranging from psychedelic pop to atypical garage, it is in his “cabin” that the boy has fun painting various short films of soundscapes using analog keyboards, old drum machines and other instruments with dreamy sounds.

MARS 2021

homelands digital talkshow

After a year of many challenges for our artists and our participants, “Homelands, places of belonging” is proud to invite you to its Digital Talkshow presented by Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse.
Meet the artists, the cultural partners, the participants through exclusive interviews and some showing of their videos realised during their workshops with local communities. And let’s not forget the artistic interventions of each project, what have they prepared for us?
For the shooting of this talkshow, we decided to collaborate with Cinemaximiliaan.
Cinemaximiliaan is a platform with and by newcomers in Belgium. The initiative started in an improvised camp at the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels with daily film screenings. Cinemaximiliaan quickly grew by the commitment of a vast network of volunteers, amongst them many newcomers.

Music session with the Brussels Chamber Orchestra & Gwen Cresens

CONCERT WITH YOU - Live Session 1

The Brussels Chamber Orchestra will share the stage with the Belgian accordionist Gwen Cresens and make you travel between tango, classic music, but also more avant-garde and jazzy pieces. You will discover very well known pieces such as Oblivion of Piazzola as well as pieces as you have never heard them before! The formation on stage will be a string quartet, a double bass and accordion.

The Brussels Chamber Orchestra  

In 1999, the common passion and investment of young people virtuosos for chamber music gave birth to the Brussels Chamber Orchestra. With six different nationalities, the BCO is a formidable cultural and artistic laboratory in the heart of Europe. Each work executed is enriched by this mixture of Asian and European cultures. The deep search for a specific style gives a unique sound to the group. The BCO masters a wide repertoire, from Vivaldi to Britten, including Mozart, Elgar, Bartók, Piazzolla, Hindemith or Schoenberg. The BCO is involved in the creation of educational projects and has the privilege of being an ambassador of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. 

Gwen Cresens

Gwen Cresens is a Belgian accordion and bandoneon player, arranger and composer. He studied classical accordion at the Antwerp conservatoire and followed many masterclasses with internationally acclaimed maestros. The artist has been playing with many orchestras and artists (e.g., Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Rotterdams Philharmonic Orchestra). He also recorded soundtracks for moviestheatre and dance companies 


Every year since its creation, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has been organizing high-flying concerts with musicians from all over the world and an audience that often leaves the hall in awe. 
It is our best way to convey our messages of tolerance, dialogue and the creation of bonds.

There is no need to look back over the past year and its consequences for the cultural world. From us to you is our end-of-year gift, it is the bond that we keep and our will to continue to fill with wonder through music.
From us to you is our way to end this year, to bring music and joy into your homes.

To make this event unique and magical we have gathered the perfect ingredients:

A majestic place, in the heart of the city of Brussels: the event will be broadcasted from the “Gothic Hall” of Brussels City Hall.
Musicians who will manage to take you on a journey through time: Matthieu Saglio Quartet.
A team gathered for its values and its qualities who will make you live the emotions of music and image in the most beautiful way.