On 14th and 15th May in the Island of Delos in Greece, in representation of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Marianne Poncelet participated to the 4th Delos Global Gathering, organized by the World Human Forum, a think and do tank, a knowledge and action hub designed to help build a brighter future, a global citizens’ initiative which highlights and interconnects the innovative forces of our planet towards the creation of a genuine ecological civilisation .

First day

The first day was dedicated to the Island of Delos, the Island of Light, to its history and its relevance today. The discussion was moderated by historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes with the participation of the Director of Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, a Professor of Classical archaeology at the University of Athens and an architectural historian.

Second day

The second day, discussions were centred on space technology for earth healing and were moderated by Alexandra Mitsotaki, President and co-founder of the World Human Forum, with participation of Climate envoy for Greece, Planetologist, Professor of Space Physics from the University of Athens as well as Principal investigator on NASA’s Voyagers and NASA Head of Science, among others.

In the ancient Theatre of Delos, a beautiful concert took place with the participation of Marshall Marcus, executive and artistic director of the European Union Youth Orchestra, with Diana Tishchenko and Davide Dalpiaz as violinists, improvising with Sokratis Sinopoulos, master of the lyra, and Zelisah Kizilkan, singing and playing the duduk.

Being a part of this year’s Delos inspirational journey has been very fruitful as the time and space we shared together have led to fruitful connections, contributing to the creation of a new ecological paradigm.

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