« Teaching is not just filling an empty bag with things, with knowledge. The bag is never empty. It already has its own life. And teaching is sharing what one knows in order to allow the one who carries the bag to taste life in a richer, more diverse, more civilised fashion » 

(Interview with Lord Menuhin in L’Humanité newspaper – 19 February 1999)

Preoccupied by education in general and music education in particular, he founded the Yehudi Menuhin School in England, together with the Menuhin Academy in Switzerland, where ever since young musicians have been nurtured to achieve their full potential. Learning to play music was for him intimately linked to the art of living and the relationship to the body. Being an assiduous practitioner of yoga, he paid attention to the bonds between people, their body and nature, convinced that there is no external peace without inner peace. The MUS-E® project, which was the last chapter of his long educational mission, has the ambition of bringing art within the reach of all children, especially those living in an underprivileged environment.