Mohammad Aukal & Ruben Vandersteen & Julie De Clercq @PIANOFABRIEK

Mohammad is a dancer from Palestine. Ruben and Julie lead the City Zoom, a studio where young people work on making movies, they learn how to write, direct, film, act and record. Together with Mohammad they have led video workshops around the theme Homelands under the film project City Zoom. CityZoom is a film workshop which aims to give real artistic freedom to the young participants (aged 12-15). The group works around themes and ideas they find interesting that they can translate into image and sound. Along the way they learn how to direct, act, film and edit a scene as well as to work with light and decor. This year CityZoom embraced the Homelands project and Dapke dancer Mohammad Aukal became member of the CityZoom team! During the first semester of the workshop Mohammad set out to make the participants move, giving them some assignments. During the second semester he went further his comfort zone as a dancer and guided the children during the making of a short film. His guidance focused on directing and choreography, making each participant more aware of how to move more dramatically in thei film. Starting from the question “what does it mean to have a homeland?” the group chose a theme to which they had a personal connection: climate change. Inspired by the story of Ulysses they wrote their own adaptation of this ancient myth and made a spectacular movie out of it called “ECO WARRIORS”.