The country of Haiti and the Creole language are at the heart of Marlène Dorcéna’s concerts and musical workshops. She speaks and sings with bittersweet conviction about Haiti under the sun, the misery and the social realities. She claims African ancestry – her ancestors having been uprooted from their land and transported as slaves “to the Americas”. Marlène has been welcomed and appreciated in the Belgian art scene ever since her arrival in Belgium, and has performed traditional Haitian music around the world. She is always in search of new sounds that reflect basic emotions produced by traditional instruments such as the lambi (conch shell instrument used during the revolution of the Haitians against colonial rule), the Haitian drum, pine, hazelnuts, ti bwa, agogo, maracas, shells, etc.

Marlène Dorcéna is also the author of a collection of Creole stories and songs to share a part of her childhood with children and to pay tribute to her grandmother.