MUS-E Festival

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is proud to present the very first International MUS-E Festival ! The festival will entirely happen online and will be broadcasted on, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s online platform that helps emerging musicians getting development opportunities.  

Everyday from July 19 until August 08th MUS-E organisations from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Israël will present the work of artists that lead activities locally aiming at promoting equal access to culture and the arts. 

Visitors will have the chance to discover a wide eclectic selection of art works made all around Europe ! This festival is a way to promote all social initiatives and artisitic creations that happen within the MUS-E network, support MUS-E artists in sharing their work and raise awareness about all MUS-E network activities and missions. 

MUS-E in a nutshell

Through practicing arts, MUS-E helps children, artists and teachers thrive together in school, so they can become ambassadors and active members of a more balanced, equitable and inclusive society. 

MUS-E is aimed at primary schools, mainly in Europe, which are faced with the challenge of educating a growing multicultural group of children, many of whom come from migrant or disadvantaged families and are at risk of social exclusion or other societal problems. In the presence of teachers, professional artists actively involved in MUS-E introduce and share various art forms (singing, dancing, music, movement, theatre, visual arts and multimedia, etc.). Through this collective work, the MUS-E programme encourages dialogue and conviviality, while awakening children’s sense of creativity, empathy and resilience. MUS-E is active in 12 countries around the world including: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Israël, Cyprus, Kosovo and Lichtenstein. Spain (250) & Italy (157) have the largest number of school and institutions while Cyprus (2) and Kosovo (5) concentrate the smallest number.  


19 – 20 July : MUS-E GERMANY 

Artists: Constanze Betzl, Cris Gavazonni, Erwin Ditzner, Evamaria Deisden 

21 – 22 July : MUS-E ITALY 

Antonino Talamo, Massimiliano Caretta, Davide Bonetti, The Ring Around Quartet 

23 – 24 July : MUS-E SWITZERLAND  

An Chen, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson, Ueli VON ALLMEN 

25 – 26 July : MUS-E BELGIUM 

Nicolas Ankoudinoff 

27 – 28 July : MUS-E HUNGARY 

Guessous Mesi, Gulyás Anna, Tóth Szabolcs 

29 – 30 July : MUS-E Portugal  

Catraia, Ines Maria Silva, Marta Countinho & Ruca Rebordao 

31 July – 01 August : MUS-E SPAIN 

Daniela Ventero, Pablo Ventero, Nora Usterman 

02 – 03 August : MUS-E BRAZIL  

Educardo Dos Santos, Louruz Sena, Paulo Ricardo 

04 – 05 August : MUS-E ISRAËL  

Avshalom Sarid, Uri Bracha, Dafna Peled