The project

Musilib offers an expanded multi-lingual and multicultural library for children of Multilib project which has successfully developed a vibrant multicultural e-library with traditional and contemporary children’s stories in 12 different languages, including 6 languages spoken by immigrants. Musilib project will expand Multilib by one traditional and one contemporary story from Finland and from a migrant group in Finland and add another cultural element: music, an indispensable reflection of culture!

A children’s multicultural music instruments library will be created and contain photos of the instruments, sound files and stories on each instrument written by a children’s book author. The project will promote cultural awareness and cultural understanding.

Target groups

The project has two main target groups:

  • It mainly addresses primary school teachers who need to teach in multi-lingual and multicultural classrooms. Teachers will have a rich resource to use in their classroom.
  • The ultimate target group of Musilib project is primary school students. The library will help them see things from new and innovative angles and take an active role by producing stories themselves, fostering their sense of entrepreneurship.


7 partners from Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom

  • Mosaic Arts and Sounds Ltd.
  • International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
  • Viksofors Skola
  • Çukurova University School of Foreign Languages
  • Spolek Pelican
  • Çukurova University State Conservatory