Thanks to the great support of the Friends of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, IYMF launches the first experience of supporting a project of a young artist. Altea Narici participated in multidisciplinary artistic residency organized by IYMF and we have decided to help her achieve her own project that will boost her professional experience in the music sector. 

Altea Narici

Altea is 24, she was born in Italy and she likes to be referred to as an artist, traveller-performer and community engager. She holds a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master Diploma in Cello from the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Altea has been playing in orchestras and ensembles for most of her life. Altea sings, plays and composes while traveling and solo performing. Her music is inspired by traditional songs and by the natural environment, and she collaborates with researchers in a joint project of marine science outreach. She loves to discover music and stories from different cultures as a source of inspiration for her own work. She was recently invited for her first solo residencies at the Celacanto Cultural Centre in Puglia (Italy) and at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Oregon (USA).

New Worlds Project

Following the invitation to be Artist in residence by the Sikta Centre for Art and Ecology in the USA, Altea imagined to expand and deepen this experience and research to more native cultures, traditional music, storytelling and arts, as well as to explore natural environments, reflect about border-crossing social themes and engage with local communities in Canada and Mexico. She will offer one community event per month (performances, workshops, talks or other forms of encounters) and focus on creativity and artistic expression with people of all ages in different settings (schools, healthcare institutions, cultural centers) and on the connection with the natural environments explored through art. During this journey, she will act as young artist ambassador of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and strive to tell the story and share the values of the Foundation, which has done a lot for her artistic and personal development supporting her growth and widening her perspectives.

How will it boost her work and career?

The research and interaction with local communities and stunning natural environments are at the core of her work of composition and creation of her first Album. It will allow her to define more precisely her own style and approach to invention and bring her skills and work to a new level of complexity. The interaction with artists from the Sikta Centre residency and local artists and communities across West Canada and Mexico will offer her different perspectives on artistic, traditional and community approaches.

Stay tuned to follow the rest of her adventure!