Celina Pereira was a magnificent artist, heiress of the mornas and tales of Cape Verde, ambassador of the culture of her country which she promoted with happiness.

In Portugal, she was known for her involvement in the MUS-E program of the Associaçao Yehudi Menuhin Portugal. In Europe, she had participated in various concerts of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, including the “Dancing Violins” in Luxembourg, where she had taken with her a couple of dancers from Portugal who had accompanied her on stage in an admirable manner. She had also shared a duet with Marlène Dorcena, performing together the famous melody for peace created by Yehudi Menuhin.

Celina had also participated in the emblematic European project that the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation had developed in 2008, the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. And we found her on stage during the final concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, to our great delight, alongside other moving artists such as Dani Klein, Natasha Atlas, Marlène Dorcena, Iva Bittova and all the storytellers involved in the seven countries participating in this project entitled I YOU WE SHARE THE WORLD.

Celina was the memory of her people. Her heart was immense. Her voice touched with tenderness and gentleness. We will never forget her beautiful clear eyes and her laughter that still resonates within us, reminding us that a world full of music, understanding and joy is possible.