Arte para la Motivación (2015-2017)

Arte para la Motivación is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project, designed to develop a practical interdisciplinary methodology to tackle the growing complexity and diversity of European primary and secondary schools, by reducing dropout rates whilst boosting motivation to learn using the arts. The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is one of several participating entities and led by the Spanish MUS-E® partner Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España. Other participants include MUS-E®partners in Germany, Hungary and Portugal, as well as Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien (Austria) and The Jaffa Institute (Netherlands).

Music Up Close

MUSIC UP CLOSE Network – connecting orchestral music to young audiences is a multiannual project of European Orchestras and international Organizations for artistic mobility designed as a start-up for a long term European cooperation network to give concrete answers to the current challenges in the field of orchestral music.


The primary school of Viksjofors in Sweden is leader of the Multilib (multilingual library for children) European Erasmus + project /. As partner, we are in charge of producing 4 e-books (tales) for children with illustrations and a workshop with children and artists on the content of these tales (2 tales from Belgium, 2 tales from a minority culture based in Belgium)
Art4ROM was a project financed by the European Commission promoting intercultural dialogue within ROMA and non-ROMA children through arts…


The Art4ROM project aimed at fostering intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and social inclusion among children (both Roma and non-Roma) aged between 5-10, by using an innovative educative methodology based on the practice of the arts in school and non-school environments.

Art4ROM was a project financed by the European Commission promoting intercultural dialogue within ROMA and non-ROMA children through arts…


Go to e-artined website A web based course for teachers on: How to use Art in Education considering Social Inclusion and with a special focus on Art in Nature. The work will be finished and evaluated by September 2018.


Go to Music4Rom website The values promoted by this project are recognition, understanding of others, creativity, tolerance and admiration. This project will promote Romani values to build intercultural bridges, social inclusion and educate children through music.


With the META project, the Foundation and its partners aim to accelerate access to and successful completion of education in Europe for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and young migrants. Based on analysis of existing initiatives, META will identify best practices and develop and pilot a Toolkit to support their dissemination and cost effective scale-up across Europe. Implementation will be supported by a new pedagogical methodology for arts integration in the school curriculum.