Born in Dinant, Quentin enters at an early age the world of classical music with his father. For ten years he attends the Ciney Academy following courses of guitar, harmony, music theory and history and chamber music. Around the age of 15 a musical revelation opens up the doors to jazz. And so he embarks on the quest of improvisation with Pierre van Dormael who remains one of the most relevant references in this field. Aged 17 after attending several seminars, he wishes to pursue his musical training at the Vlaamse Koninklijke Conservatorium of Brussels. Five years later he records with Diederik Wissels his first album entitled “La Fontaine de Gore”. After obtaining his diploma from the Conservatoire in “jazz and light music”, he decides for a year to perfect composing film scores with Dirk Brossé at the Ghent Conservatoire. Guided by his interest in others and inspired by his many travels, Quentin Dujardin shared the life of the most intense communities: the Gypsies of Andalusia or of Rajasthan, the Gnawas of Morocco, the Guaranis Indians of Paraguay or the Vezos of Madagascar. Forever searching, the universe of this guitar playing is truly unique as it draws its strength from his personal experiences in the four corners of the planet. Talented producer of mixtures of sounds and passionate composer, he transports his audience in a decidedly contemporary world. His insatiable artistic generosity which also feeds the hidden aspect of the guitarist leads him to composing for theatre and television.

Art form: musician, guitar