Roundtable: “Transforming education through the arts”

On the occasion of the International MUS-E® Council (IMC) in Oeiras, Portugal, and following the success of the events in Évora and at the European Parliament in Brussels, the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) and the Associação Yehudi Menuhin Portugal (AYMP) in collaboration with the Oeiras City Council (CMO) organise on May 28 2024, the Roundtable “Transforming Education through the Arts” at the Temple of Poetry Auditorium in Oeiras.

Drawing from three decades of MUS-E® Programme promoting the arts, well-being and social inclusion, the conference reflects on Yehudi Menuhin’s visionary efforts to integrate the arts into education, making them accessible to all.

The MUS-E® Programme, created by IYMF, is developed in 12 countries worldwide and aims to develop areas of artistic expression in public primary schools and pre-school education, sensitising children to art and enabling them to access diverse forms of expression and communication.

While witnessing situations of violence, racism and educational and social exclusion, with serious consequences in early school leaving, absenteeism and learning failure, the MUS-E® Programme proposes to prevent and solve these problems, empowering children, artists and teachers.

The event will gather stakeholders from the Portuguese political, social and academic panorama and from the International Council of the MUS-E® Programme

  • Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, AYMP President, IYMF Member
  • Pedro Patacho, Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, Education Councilor
  • Werner Schmitt, IYMF Vice-President
  • Alexandra Paatsch, MUS-E Deutschland General Manager
  • Jorge Chaminé, Centre Européen de Musique President, IYMF Member
  • José Bagulho, Agrupamento Aquilino Ribeiro School (MUS-E Oeiras schools), Early childhood Educator
  • Elisabete Monteiro, Lecturer and Deputy Coordinator of Dance BA and Coordinator of PhD in Dance – FMH – ULisboa

Stay tunned!