Shalaan Lazim & Benoît Coutier & Ada Rajszys @Les Ateliers du Temps Libre – WOLUBILIS

Shalaan comes from Iraq where he studied sculpture. Benoît and Ada give creative workshops on distortion, extension, volume and the third dimension. Together they have led a 3D workshop and create a 3D installation based on the idea of migration and personal interpretation of Shalaan’s experience.

The 3D project, is a creative workshop of free expression on the different facets of the 3rd dimension, for beginners or initiated. It proposes to develop a visual language by exploring 3D shapes / objects in space, to explore the techniques and tools available.

The participants express themselves according to one or more themes but also according to their knowledge and their own sensitivity.

First of all, we take the time to meet ourselves, others and the materials. We experiment and question these subjects. Then, we take into consideration the space, volume, light, colour that resonate with tactile materials. The technique and its transmission are present, of course, but it is mainly a supportive aspect. The essential is to find what everyone wants to translate, to find their own intimate space where the direct relationship to the subjects discussed has meaning for them. In this 3D workshop, all possible supports in sculpture are practiced, this workshop is therefore “open”: sculpture, textile art, monumental art, miniature art, etc.

The participants start from a word base and this year with the topic “Homelands”, which they try to expand with their own experience and then translate into volume. Participants practice on multiple materials according to the basic idea, exploring different paths, sometimes different materials for a single idea, thus leaving the field open for experimentation.

They first learn to look at the general volumes, their articulations and inclinations in space, their relationship of proportions that are the foundation of the sculpture. Then, we refine the creative work. Projects can be formalized through different artistic techniques to best adhere to the creative and personal development of each individual.

Each project is completed thanks to advice and follow-up, taking the time to accompany participants as they progress.

Each workshop is a combination of presentations, group discussions and demonstrations of tools and techniques. A lot of freelance time for projects is provided with the guided help of the instructor on concepts, designs and execution.

Everyone finds in this time of creation, in addition to the deepening of the more technical aspects, the pleasure of working with the material and ultimately the satisfaction of creating a three-dimensional shape.

The intervention/experience with Shaalan Lazim Alazaam, professional sculptor, was interesting in relation to his experience, his history, his experience. His craftsmanship has enabled him to discover a new technique of clay and explore a new way of working by hand with a modular material. He has been involved in the entire process of creation, from the emergence of first ideas to the final outcome of projects and has therefore provided advice during the implementation of each project. Over time, Shaalan has discovered other facets related to the various processes and techniques offered, expanding his own plastic repertoire. He could then integrate them into the advice he gave to others with his own sensitivity, know-how and background. We think it was an experience of discovery for Shaalan, to observe, to see that we can also work differently and with other means.