In 1991 Shanglie Zhou left Shanghai to settle in Antwerp. Her name already bears the notion of a bridge and a connection, since “Shanglie” is a compound of Shanghai, the place where she was born, and Leningrad, the place where her father was staying when she was born. Her first artistic experiments were a mix of Chinese elements and her Western artistic perceptions. After leaving her country and completing her studies in Antwerp, her work evolved from 2D to 3D, exploring the possibilities offered by space. In her recent works, she has tried using the daily life environment in which people perform routine tasks. Shanglie breaks out of the mould of the traditional workshop in favour of a space shared by everyone. To create a work, she prefers starting with the conditions offered by the context itself, inviting the audience to become really involved. In the past few years, she has integrated video into her work.

Art form: video maker