Sharing All Voices was a 3-year project. Through this programme, IYMF shared the voice of artists, music, cultures and nature through the training of ambassadors of cultures who could express themselves creatively on stage, in participative orkshops and sharing moments. To help in this task, the Foundation called upon experts on these cultures, prepared materials to transpose its mesages into images and communicated them during public performances in various parts of Europe, taking into account the symbolic parts of Europe, taking into account the symbolic itineraries linked to its set of themes.


In 2008, the set of themes chosen for the first part of the “Sharing All Voices” programme, entitled MOVING VOICES, was “Nomadic cultures” along the following lines: what are their specificities, how do they transform and adapt in relation to the countries and other cultures they encounter and cross? What are their contributions to European culture? And how can artists translate the messages of wisdom of these cultures into their own artistic and transmissible language, making them the ambassadors of the values embodied by these cultures “in movement”?

In 2009 the set of themes chosen for the second part of the programme, entitled GREEN VOICES, was “Cultures and environment” along the following lines: how are artists linked to nature, what is the significance of this link, why are the elements of nature a source of inspiration to artists, how can the artists increase awareness about the importance of respecting nature in this context.

In 2010 the set of themes chosen for the third part of the programme, entitled ISLAND VOICES, focused on the concept of island as a metaphor for the islets of resistance towards a system that limits the development of being and creativity. The term “Islands” referred here to the “artists ambassadors” of the project, who moved in small groups and in different contexts in order to transmit and share the advances of the project in practical ways.