UCREATE – Open call for young musicians’ artists

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation is currently seeking to collaborate with young musicians’ artists aged between 19 and 25 (+2) that arrived in Europe recently (i.e., max 5 years) and that plan to settle in Belgium for a minimum period of one year AND/OR young musicians established in Belgium for many years coming from cultural minorities at risk of social exclusion.

Last year, we launched together with 4 European artistic organisations the training program UCREATE dedicated to facilitating intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of young artists from cultural minorities and migrant backgrounds trough artistic co-creation.

UCREATE includes multiple artistic disciplines – Visual arts (Big Sur, Italie), Art education (Mus-e Hungary, Hungary), Photography (Hangar, Portugal). At the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation we chose to focus on music by coordinating a series of workshops led by professional musicians and sound professionals in Belgium.

The first workshop, “The Residency” will be held in Farnières (South Belgium) from the 4th until the 9th of October 2021. The residency constitutes the first step of the program. The collaboration with participants will later be extended throughout a series of workshops and a live concert event in an iconic venue of Brussels.  


Although artists will learn and enrich their musical techniques, the process is what matters the most, the collective act of creation and what artists will discover in terms of creation. The co-creation becomes a tool of personal creation, amplified by the energy of the group as well as a tool of social inclusion with high level of communication.


Thierry Van Roy, Artistic Coordinator 

Composer, self-taught musician, music producer (Melanie Gabriel/Taïga Maya, Abdelli, Farafina, The Black Slavics etc.) and sound engineer, Thierry is also an independent radio producer (music documentaries in Cape Verde, Angola, Yakutia, Mexico, Azerbaijan, trance music in Africa, shamanic music, green music, etc.), a video clip producer/editor (Taïga Maya) and a stage musician (Abdelli, Melanie Gabriel).

Andor Timar 

Andor Timar first graduated as an actor in Budapest in 1994. Since then he has worked in theater and film projects and pursues a career in the entertainment world. In addition to his artistic activities, Andor is also a graduate of the Academy of Executive Coaching in London and offers training courses for all generations.

Andor Timar will open the residence and work with the group on space, multi-sensory communication, with the aim of connecting participants to a higher level of communication, through movement and improvisation. Her workshops will focus on learning through the practice of co-creation and group dynamics. Participants will therefore have notions to give workshops themselves. 

Aleksandar Caric

Aleksandar Caric is a musician and actor. Born in Yugoslavia, Aleksandar Caric was a member in the 1980s of the improvisational theater and music company CirKo della primavera, with which he produced many shows that were never repeated more than once, in a constant search for new spaces and forms. Aleksandar has also collaborated with many actors and musicians as an actor, musician and musical composer in theater and dance performances as well as in European and international events and festivals.

Aleksandar will initiate the creative process with the participants around sharing ideas, creating sequences as in popular and traditional music and exchanging musical motifs. These workshops will lead to a final concert in front of an audience. 

Shanglie Zhou

With Shanglie, musicians will get familiar with music on film and the use of this medium. In 1991 Shanglie Zhou left Shanghai to settle in Antwerp. Her name already bears the notion of a bridge and a connection, since “Shanglie” is a compound of Shanghai, the place where she was born, and Leningrad, the place where her father was staying when she was born. Her first artistic experiments were a mix of Chinese elements and her Western artistic perceptions. After leaving her country and completing her studies in Antwerp, her work evolved from 2D to 3D, exploring the possibilities offered by space. In her recent works, she has tried using the daily life environment in which people perform routine tasks. Shanglie breaks out of the mould of the traditional workshop in favour of a space shared by everyone. To create a work, she prefers starting with the conditions offered by the context itself, inviting the audience to become really involved. In the past few years, she has integrated video into her work.


  • Foster intercultural exchange of musical knowledge and skills between local communities, newcomers.


  • Provide support and long-term opportunities to the participants (i.e., trainings, transfer of knowledge, live concerts, exchange with professional musicians and technicians, etc.)


  • Create a sustainable relationship between the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation and young newcomers’ musicians and musicians coming from Belgium cultural minorities. 

Profile of the participants


  • If you are interested in taking part in this program and that your profile corresponds to the points enounced above, please feel free to contact us.


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