UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe partners with the IYMF to support aspiring artists on www.concertwithyou.com

UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe signed a partnership agreement with the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation to support 6 musicians with an opportunity to produce original music video and perform concerts in 2022. This will be part of the Foundation’s www.concertwithyou.com initiative, a streaming concert platform that allows artists to share their music and engage with the public.

Marianne Poncelet, Executive Vice-Present and co-founder of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Brussels, comments: ‘’We are delighted to establish this cooperation with UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe to strengthen our mission to support the next generation of talented artists. Making our societies more inclusive and united is truly transformative and music is a powerful tool in achieving it. We are grateful to UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe for its commitment to promote artistic excellence and give new artists the chance to contribute to our society with the sound and power of their music. With this partnership, we demonstrate that we can drive change together and make a positive difference in the lives of several artists.’’

Nicholas Hodac, Director General of UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe, states: ‘’We are thrilled to support the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. The soft drink sector’s social impact goes beyond the jobs it generates. Providing wider benefits to our local communities by giving back to them is equally important. The number of social initiatives undertaken by our members in the countries they operate is a testament to that. As an EU industry association, we also want to do our part to change lives for the better. Music is a universal form of art, but not everyone has equal access and opportunity to create it. Our aim is to break some barriers and help new artists unlock their full potential and succeed. As violinist Yehudi Menuhin influenced generations of people during his time – and continues to be a source of inspiration to many across the world -, we want to empower the artists who we will support to show their talent and inspire others through their music and noble example.’’

The original music videos by the six artists that UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe will support will be freely accessible to anyone on www.concertwithyou.com as well as on the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation’s YouTube channel upon their announcement.

About UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe

Established in 1958, UNESDA Soft Drinks Europe is the Brussels-based trade association representing the non-alcoholic beverages sector. Its membership includes 10 companies and 23 national associations from across Europe. UNESDA members are involved in the production and/or distribution of a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages including still drinks, carbonates, fruit drinks, energy drinks, iced teas and sport drinks.

UNESDA’s policy priorities are Sustainability (e.g., beverage packaging, collection, recycling), Responsibility (e.g., sugar reduction, school policies, marketing practices towards children and labelling) and Competitiveness (e.g., taxation, market access).