The objective of this programme was to develop and expand a European network of artists, called “artists-ambassadors of cultures”, who were the spokespersons for the values of sharing and respect of the Foundation and whose mission was to transmit artists methodologies promoting integration and creativity.

The 2012 work programme was set within the “Voices for Tomorrow” programme which spanned over several years and focused the artistic action of the Foundation on the theme “Social Integration and Creativity”.

The main objective of “Voices for Tomorrow” was to capitalise upon the achievements of the “Sharing All Voices” artistic methodology, initiated within the framework of the 2008-2010 programme on the basis of an interdisciplinary approach, improvisation and interculturalism, and to strengthen the role of the artists in their mission as “ambassadors of the cultures of Europe” in order to give a VOICE to the cultures of Europe and encourage the integration of vulnerable groups through the practice of art.

To achieve this overall objective the programme pursued three specific objectives:

  1. Identifying and training ambassadors of cultures who were sensitive to societal challenges so they could become the carriers of the values promoted by Yehudi Menuhin
  2. Supporting the multidisciplinary artistic actions aimed at social integration through the practice of art by reinforcing the work of project leaders in European schools belonging to the Foundation’s European network while extending this network to other countries and regions of Europe
  3. Encouraging artistic creativity, intercultural dialogue and mobility of artists living in Europe on the topic of “social integration and creativity”

During every implementation year, the programme took place in seven different European countries. The partnerships established for the programme originated in different sectors and cultures in order to increase the opportunities for pooling and sharing a well as achieving a multiplier effect.

The targeted audiences were artists, children, and young people, the general public, cultural minorities and vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.