Who we are

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (IYMF) was created in 1991 by Yehudi Menuhin in Brussels to realise his humanist dream of giving a voice to the voiceless through the arts, irrespective of background, and building a civilisation of reciprocity. The Foundation thus serves as the base for the implementation and coordination of cross-cultural projects and programmes, the first of which was the MUS-E programme.


Enabling international exchanges and co-creation of emerging and established musicians and artists of all backgrounds

Improving the development of children through the MUS-E® Programme

Encouraging the expression and representation of cultural minorities through the assembly of cultures of Europe

Organising concerts, exhibitions, artistic manifestations and other events in the spirit of Yehudi Menuhin’s humanism


Every child has a voice

Every human has a chance

Every culture has a channel of expression


We share: We commit to bringing our singularity into complementarity and to sharing our talents, our solidarity and our reciprocity

We respect: We commit to fostering a wider understanding of all cultures with consideration for all

We trust: We commit to cultivating a self-trust, trustfulness and trustworthiness in all our endeavours

We create: we commit to receiving the idea of a new concept and accepting to be the instrument of its expression at the service of the best possible inspiration for others

We innovate: we commit to improving, surprising, marvelling, astounding, guiding, inspiring, empowering in accessible and applicable terms for our perspectives and for the perspectives of others

We communicate: we commit to exploring, discovering and conquering the many ways to convey our intentions and accomplishments in order to create harmonious cooperation in our multicultural environements