YEHUDI MENUHIN FOR EUROPE: texts and speeches

Some ephemeral thoughts on tolerance and peace

Some ephemeral thoughts on tolerance and peace   A civilized world should keep a balance between freedom and constraint, should direct raw energies, would establish norms of conduct in help, mutual service, courtesy, quality of thought and action. And above all it would preserve the notion of variety. It is unthinkable that any western society

Creativity as an undeniable aspect of life

Creativity as an undeniable aspect of life – 20th May 1993 – San Sebastian, Spain   Creativity is a word that I do not particularly like to use but it stands for a great deal, amongst them originality, inspiration, inventiveness – in other words, something spontaneous, deep and real. We live in a world that

Yehudi Menuhin’s speech at the European Roma Youth Congress

European Roma Youth Congress - Barcelona, 19 October 1998 My first encounter with the Romani or Gypsy soul was in Romania when I was 11 years old. And I heard the first violin, the first violinist in a small tavern in the village that was the summer capital of the royal family. And the truth

Open letter to the European Council

Open Letter to the European Council – London, 17 February 1999  The Agenda 2000, which defines the political and financial framework for the enlarged Europe, is the fundamental issue facing the governments of the EU Member States. They will discuss it at the highest level, informally on the 24th and 25th of February, then on

Music knows no borders

Music knows no borders - Yehudi Menuhin      How can people live in peace and harmony without speaking the same language? We asked this question to Yehudi Menuhin who, with his violin, established a real dialogue between people during his travels around the world. He tells us the secrets of the universal message of

Yehudi Menuhin’s alarm call

Yehudi Menuhin's alarm call - Our civilization is heading towards collective suicide  Interview by François Delétraz in Le Figaro Magazine - Staurday, November 14, 1998  This weekend, the famous violinist is conducting a concert at the Cirque de Bruxelles. Interview with a wise man who saw the century pass.   Le Figaro Magazine - You

Where are we going?

Yehudi Menuhin “Where are we going?” - 1993 One salient fact emerging from the daily diet of barbarism and wantom cruelty which we are offered from screen or newspaper is that mankind has lost its way; there would seem no longer to be a structure upon which behaviour or judgment can build. The European Community

The MUS-E project

Yehudi Menuhin's speech at the European Parliament - 1995  The MUS-E project stands for ‘Music and Arts in Europe’: It has been my experience that through music, and particularly through singing and dance, we can give a child, these particular children are between five and eight, a fulfilment of the sense of existence, of being,

My proposals for a better world

My proposals for a better world - London, May 18, 1992 Humanity is drifting dangerously in an uncharted sea, having lost any sense of direction as a whole, and without a compass to guide it. Although we are recognizing the new situation, its dimensions and its problems, no one can answer the simplest questions –

Culture & Peace – Luxembourg, 11 January 1997

Yehudi Menuhin - Extract from Culture and peace (Concert pour une culture de paix et de bien-être, Luxembourg, 11 January 1997)   “The instantly brutal is invading the realms of cultivated and subtle expression. Our five senses are assailed with mortal effect—to quote the last words in Hamlet, (a massacre) “of course and fury signifying

Cultural Diversity – An underlying principle of European Integration

Newsletter of the European Committee of the Regions  20 January 1999 – Cultural Diversity: An underlying principle of European Integration An interview with Yehudi Menuhin “Politicians must know and understand every note of their score and the sound of every note – every voice in their community… and be able to communicate the score to

Speech by Lord Menuhin at the European Parliament – September 1995 (PART II)

Speech by Lord Menuhin – Session of the European Parliament – Brussels, 27th September 1995 (PART II)  Now, states have grown bigger and bigger from the time we were tribes, the various stages of duchies and regions and great cities like Venice, and independent principalities. Until the 19th century they were coalescing into great states.

Speech by Lord Menuhin at the European Parliament – September 1995 (PART I)

Speech by Lord Menuhin – Session of the European Parliament – Brussels, 27th September 1995 (PART I)  Already from the day I was born, I became aware of the world and the world’s sufferings, for my parents were very conscious of social injustice but were very happy. So, I had a very happy childhood, and

Yehudi Menuhin, violonist & visionary

Yehudi Menuhin (1916 - 1999) Yehudi Menuhin was one of the greatest musicians of all time. But not only. From the concentration camps liberated in 1945 to the end of the siege of Sarajevo in 1996, Yehudi Menuhin never resolved to separate music from his political commitments and he was the author of impactful writings