The musical concept :

The International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has organised over the years residential seminars for MUS-E® artists centred on different artistic disciplines. The two latest seminars involved musicians with the aim of creating a common repertoire which could be used for the soundtrack of a documentary produced by the Foundation for the MUS-E® network : Menuhin’s Dream, directed by Janos Degi.

They met in Normandy in the inspiring Tapovan centre and along the Semois river in the forests of the Belgian Ardennes. The only thing we asked the musicians was to propose a traditional melody which would be used as a starting point for improvisations, with no obligation to keep it in the final form of the piece.The musicians had never met before and there was no common language between them, which at no point created problems. Certain pieces kept their traditional form, others evolved into more contemporary forms, the rule being that there were no rules except to compose together by drawing inspiration from the images of the documentary.
And so the MUS-E band was created and recorded this CD. Its rich diversity is a message in itself for all those who want to explore the nomadic route which music often takes.

Musicians : 

Nicolas Ankoudinoff (Belgium)
tenor & soprano sax, flute & percussions

Manuel Calleja Bono (Spain)
double bass, melodica, percussions

Aniko Domak (Hungary)
lead vocal, zithers

Karim Baggili (Belgium)
oud, guitar, percussions

Osvaldo Hernández-Napoles (Mexico)
cajon, udu, various percussions

Sabina Meyer (Italy)
lead vocals

Silas Oliveira (Brazil)
acoustic & electric guitar

Ingo Stanelle (Germany)
alto sax, bass clarinet,
digeridoo, djembé, doun-doun