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HOMELANDS places of belonging – Kick Off – 8 October 2018

Concert Violins for Peace – Brussels – October 2016

Brescia – 22 April 2016

Uto Ughi e la Filarmonica del Festival per l'omaggio a Menuhin

Annual Gala Dinner & Concert – 11 January 2016

Classissimo Festival – Opening Concert – 3 August 2018

The IYMF hosted the opening concert of the Festival Classissimo in the begining of August 2018 at the prestigious Théâtre Royal du Parc in Brussels where we welcomed the young cellist Camille Thomas and the Brussels Chamber Orchestra (BCO), the orchestra ambassador of our Foundation.

Pure Shankar – The 90th Birthday Interview

In 2010, a few weeks before his 90th birthday, Pandit Ravi Shankar took the time for a long in-depth interview with Johan Ral. In this exclusive interview, Ravi Shankar speaks openheartedly about his life and work. Naturally, he also speaks – very fondly – of his collaboration and friendship with Sir Yehudi Menuhin. ‘PURE SHANKAR’

In recognition of the cultural wealth of the Roma People through the years

Our heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of the International Roma People's Day on 8 April, which commemorates the First World Gypsy Congress (London, 8 April 1971), at which the flag and the anthem of the Roma were created. « I speak to you as a born Jew, in my heart forever a Gypsy since we


Teaching creatively is essential to make learning a process that all students can enjoy and benefit from. The arts are undoubtedly an exceptional tool for a teacher because an artistic activity stimulates emotional intelligence. By offering countless opportunities for sensory learning that engage emotions - essential to long-term memory - the arts make it easier

META – Minority groups Education Through Art

"It is the reaction of children - their joy in learning to dance, to sing, to live together, which guides us. This should also guide the whole world” Yehudi Menuhin   Yehudi Menuhin believed that by exercising our senses through the arts and paying attention to the diversity of European cultures, we would become capable

MultiLib artistic workshops in Namur with Marlène Dorcena (20 and 23 February 2018)

The country of Haiti and the Creole language are at the heart of Marlène Dorcéna's concerts and musical workshops. She speaks and sings with bittersweet conviction about Haiti under the sun, the misery and the social realities. She claims African ancestry - her ancestors having been uprooted from their land and transported as slaves "to

MultiLib – The Multilingual Library for Children in Europe

Today, an increasing number of children are entering school with a need to develop their potential and learn to find a place in a rapidly changing society where even parents are having trouble keeping up. Regardless of whether or not they are from an immigrant/migrant background, children will need to be prepared to face a

Patries Wichers

 Biography Patries Wichers was born in 1959 in the Netherlands from Indonesian parents.She trained as a painter in the Royal Art Academy of ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL) with a degree in Pedagogy and Didactics for artists.Until 2000, she worked on a painting career with exhibitions and grants. Patries Wichers worked also in fashion and theatre and thanks

Matthieu Saglio

Thanks to an immediately distinctive sound and to a range of great diversity, the French cellist Matthieu Saglio has established himself as one of the most fascinating cello players of his generation. He is presently settled in Valencia, Spain. Out of a classical background (at the Conservatory of Rennes), he is one of the pioneers

N’Faly Kouyate

Biography NíFaly Kouyate was born into one of the the most famous families of griots of the Mandingue, the region of West Africa which includes Guinea-Conakry, Mali, the Gambia, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. As one of the most charismatic performers of his generation, NíFaly is ideally placed to carry on the legacy of his father

Iva Bittova

Biography Iva Bittová’s countryman Milan Kundera wrote how Europe’s “small nations” form another Europe. The violinist-vocalist may be ‘small nation’ Czech but her musical worldview and visionary creativity acknowledge no borders. Her powers of spontaneous creativity are more bountiful than it is fair to confer on one person. Witness and marvel. [50 words] by Ken