Burhan Oçal


Currently living in Istanbul and Zurich, Switzerland, Burhan Öçal found himself in the bosom of the world of music and art from the very first days of his arrival in Europe. His inclination and enthusiasm for discovering new horizons led him to meet prominent global musicians and artists at an early age, with many of whom he had joint projects, and he continues working with them today Having performed several concerts across the globe, prominently in Europe, Öçal’s true vision had been to reach out to America and act in Hollywood. He is a regular guest at the Jazz Festivals in Montreal (where he before an audience of 150 thousand) Montreux, Chicago, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin as well as at the Womad World Music Festival. Öçal also performs as a soloist with many Symphony Orchestras. Öçal’s undying passion for cinema led him to acting. He is playing the lead part in several cinema films and some television dramas.

Art form: musician, percussions