Chinara Miamona & Caroline Donnelly @Les Ateliers du Temps Libre – WOLUBILIS

Chinara is a painter from Azerbaijan. Caroline is a performer, actress and stage director in charge of a drama workshop at Woluculture. During drama classes at the Ateliers du Temps Libre, the group of participants (of all ages) got inspired by the personal story of Chinara and turned it into a unique performance.

Sometimes it’s only when we are separated from a sound, an atmosphere, a person, an object, a place, a mouvement, a song..that we realise what is vital for our soul.  What makes me what I am, what is part of me, what has made me who I am, what is essential, what I really want, what I don’t dare say.  What are my secrets and do I dare share them?  Locked away or isolated these characters, inspired by drawings and personal stories reveal their secrets.