Cristina Candela


Cristina Almuni Candela was born in Spain. Since 2000, she is active mainly between Granada, Barcelona and Madrid. She studied classical, contemporary but mainly flamenco dance. In her training she attended over eight schools studying with fifteen teachers. She also enriched her artistic training in the field of education. For this purpose she followed on the one hand in 2008 a course aimed at handicap in relation to the performing arts. On the other hand she attended a course in Grenada on intercultural transmission. Since 2001 she teaches dance and participates in numerous ballets. In the field of teaching, she supports different target audiences, in particular young autistic college students. She recently taught in two important flamenco schools in Madrid. Amongst others, Cristina danced at the festival Femmes de la Méditerranée, in 2008. The dancer is now also a choreographer. In 2010, she creates two performances one of Arabic-flamenco of the Anlage company in the framework of the flamenco cycle of the Cuevas de Sacromonte museum in Granada.

Art form: dancer, flamenco