Douce France concert.

Back in June, the international Yehudi Menuhin foundation organized a concert to celebrate French presidency of the European Council, sponsored by Loterie Nationale Loterij and Bruxelles-Capitale.

The concert took place in Wolubilis hall, with fantastic musicians playing a various repertoire of well-known and loved french music, with some original content too.

Thanks to musicians from Brussels Chamber Orchestra, O. Cresens, G. Apap, G. Viseur, V. Sokolov,  M. Aya Omac, O. Cresens , O. Sroubkova, M. Preda, MicroMega le Verbivore, and M. Dorcena,  the public was transported by their music for a few hours.

You can watch the videos, filmed and edited by Miam Miam Creative Lab on our YouTube channel.