Fundación Yehudi Menuhin España commitment and work for solidarity

Monday 31 August was the International Solidarity Day. A date that has been commemorated for 40 years and on which FYME wishes to show its commitment and work to promote solidarity.

FYME shows that what matters is what you do not what you say and FYME, through its numerous projects including Enred-Arte and Solidariz-Arte, is always promoting solidary from the MUS-E Methology, a work done by FYME with 315 volunteers, in addition to more than 150 artists and all staff of the structure and delegations.

In a world in which the individual and the fast success prevail, it is necessary a work in values from the emotional part, feelings and values for a better world, that we have to construct contributing all. This is the key of the MUS-E Methodology implemented in 13 countries in Europe: work from the emotions and feelings through art, combining intellectual training with the emotional to evolve as people and society.

The proposed actions will work from the values and collective work of creation of active citizenship to promote social participation and volunteering, something fundamental for the construction of a more supportive and fairer world, strengthening a strong social fabric, because increased participation does not mean that we are facing a strong and well-structured civil society. Therefore, to carry out this work within the educational field, as spaces of reference for young people where they already have an articulation of their relationships, is fundamental since in this sense all the actions that work with volunteer programs from the development of contents and experiences that favour solidarity and committed participation will allow the generation of the “social capital” that will guarantee the good functioning of our society.

There are no clear answers to many of the great dilemmas and problems of our society, but Solidarity Action – and together with-it favouring citizen action – can be a key factor. Therefore, it is essential to initiate this work of solidarity development in the educational field, something that FYME has been doing since its work for the voluntary transmission among adolescents, young people, and teachers, which undoubtedly contributes to the creation of a citizenry that acquires maturity and social awareness for the solidarity commitment with the most disadvantaged and serves to promote certain civic behaviours and attitudes of coexistence, participation and commitment. A whole set that makes it necessary to transmit values among young people and to develop programs and educational content and show experiences that promote the transmission of these values of solidarity, coexistence and participation, working in the dual direction with young people and their teachers.

They wanted to illustrate this news with a video made by two young collaborators who have sent us a video they made this summer on the environment. They are Africa and Carmen, who have made it on their own initiative. They are in 5th and 6th grade of Primary School and, without a doubt, they are a lesson in solidarity work thinking about others, and how we can contribute to improve the world.

This video was recorded with their cell phone during their vacations in Cantabria last July. It is a video where they ask for help not to contaminate with plastic. An exemplary video from which we can learn a lot.